Frequently Asked Questions:

  What do I need to register?
  All you need is an email address and a user name of your choice.
  How much does it cost to register with
  Nothing. You can list your props on for free.
  I am interested in finding out more about a collectible I saw on
Can you help me?
  The props listed on are owned by a variety of collectors. Registered users can use the private messaging system to contact other users.
  Where can I buy the props on this web site? is not a store. We do not sell anything.
If you have a question about a particular item on, and if you are a registered user of, you can send the owner of the item a message.
  I used the contact form to ask the webmaster of how much a certain prop is/ where I can buy a certain prop/ how I can contact a certain user and I never received a reply. What is up with that?!
  Read this FAQ page. All of it. Especially the question and answer above this one.
  I have seen an item listed as an "original" prop or costume that I know is a replica.
What's up with that!?
  The person who listed the item on is responsible for their listing.
So if you want to discuss the authenticity of an item, please do so with the owner.
  Can I list my movie related action figure/ toy/ poster/ lobby cards/ books /autographs collection here?
  No. This site is for movie props and costumes (original or replica, icluding models and set pieces) and production used items (ORIGINAL scripts, original artwork, and cast and crew items) only. We will remove any items that are inappropriate. As a general rule, if your item is not life-sized, it will be removed. (a model made for a film, would be considered "life-sized")
  I want to sell the item I listed. Is it ok for me to list the item as for sale?
  No. This webpage is a museum, not a fleamarket.
We will remove any listing that even suggests that an item may be for sale.
  I want to chat with other collectors about props. How come there is no forum at
  We do not feel that there is really need for yet another movie prop forum.
If you like to chat about props, try these two forums:
original movie props and wardrobe The Movie Prop Forum (STRICTLY ORIGINAL!)
replica movie props: The Replica Prop Forum
  Can you authenticate a prop or costume for me?
  Unfortunately, we cannot. We do not have the time and probably not the knowledge either to 100% authenticate a prop or costume.
  I listed an item and it disappeared.
  We reserve the right to remove listings that are in appropriate or offensive.
  If you have any additional questions you can send us a message through our CONTACT form.