Star Trek: Enterprise, Archer's Foam Rock from Shockwave, Part 2

original movie prop

This is a foam version of the resin rock used by Scott Bakula in the episode Shockwave, part 2. While stuck in the decimated remains of the 31st century, Archer and Daniels work to find a way to get back to Enterprise. Eventually they try to make a primitive communications device from parts of a Starfleet communicator, tricorder and pieces of metal they find in the ruins. Daniels asks Archer to pound out some copper wire found wrapped around a wooden spoon; Archer uses this rock to "pound out" the wire. There were three of these rocks in the CBS/Paramount auction lot...the resin rock and two foam rocks. I believe that the resin rock was the rock used on screen as you can hear Scott pounding the spoon which you would not hear were he using a foam rock; also, there are marks (damage) on the resin rock at the bottom, right where he was using the rock to pound the wire.  I believe that this foam version was also made for Scott to use on screen but that they decided to go with the resin rock instead.

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category: original / screen-used
type: movie props
celebrity: Scott Bakula (20)
original (11)  |  replica (9)
movie: Star Trek: Enterprise (TV) (2001)
original (395)  |  replica (206)
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